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Carpet Color Change

Carpet Color Change

Carpet Color Change is a service we provide to those with a good quality carpet that has just “uglied out” over the years. Carpets can “ugly out” by sun fading, years of cleaning with harsh chemicals, or just from having outdated colors.

Property owners with rental homes will often call on Louisville Carpet Dyeing & Repair to change the light beige colored carpet to a medium or darker beige color.

Louisville businesses, churches, hotels, schools, high rise condos and office buildings, and even interior decorators generally have specific carpet colors in mind that they wish to achieve, and we are always happy to accommodate.

Changing the color of the carpet is an excellent way to improve and modernize the look of your home without having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars. We can change the entire color of your carpet for 65%-75%less than the cost of replacement. So why buy when you can dye?


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