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Our goal is to educate the marketplace with integrity and superior customer service, desiring to be your carpet specialist for life. We offer a 100% Labor guarantee on our work. If it's not right, we will make it right!

Brandon Cerrito

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What is Carpet Dyeing?

Carpet dyeing is the process of restoring color to carpet in an event of color loss from bleach orother harsh chemicals. By using a proprietary technology called the Color Cue, invented byworld renowned Colorful Carpets founder and Dye Master Chris Howell in Clarksville, Maryland,we can achieve the closest color matching formula possible, to restore your carpet's originalcolor. Other instances of Carpet Dyeing are whole room Carpet Color Change and RugOverdyeing.

About Our Dyes

Our dyes are guaranteed to be permanent and colorfast for the entire life of the carpet. Theyare non-toxic and odorless, and leave no residues behind. Our dyes are regularly used in TheWhite House for color restoration, The National Institute of Peace, and in The Royal Palace inDubai. Businesses and residents of Louisville, Kentucky receive this same world class dyeing,done locally.

Is Dyeing your carpet Cost Effective?

Not only is Carpet Dyeing an excellent alternative to carpet replacement, it is also helping ourenvironment. Do you know where carpet goes when it's ripped out and thrown away? It goesstraight to the land fill...and it is NOT biodegradable. We can restore color imperfections in yourcarpet or even change the entire color of your carpet for 65%-75% less than the cost ofreplacement. So, Don't Replace it! Repair it!

Save up to 75% of replacement cost.

Don't replace it! Repair it!

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